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Beach Ball — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW

Clean & Comfortable

A swimming pool is no small consideration; nor is it a small purchase. You are spending time, energy and money on a significant investment that once installed, will also add value to your home.

After making this level of investment, you want to ensure that your pool is safe and well-maintained; while at the same time, comfortable for your swimmers.

Proper pool maintenance begins with the right pool equipment.

Dubbo Pool World carries a full selection of pool equipment for all maintenance needs and requirements; from cleaners and covers to heating systems and filters.
At the time of your free on-site inspection, we will go over all of your pool equipment options and help you decide which options are right for you, based upon your pool purpose and anticipated usage.

Or, if you have an existing, established pool, and are looking to upgrade or replace your pool equipment, we would be more than happy to assist you.

Dubbo Pool World also offers products by:

  • Daisy Pool Covers
  • Lincoln Pool Equipment
  • Pacific Shades Pty Ltd
  • Dunn & Farrugia Pty Ltd Fencing and Gates
Evo Pool Heating — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW

Pool Heating

While swimming pools generally do not require heating during the summer months, the addition of a heating system to your pool will add more time to your swimming season. It will significantly increase the usage that you get from your pool. With either our gas heating package or our very economical split-system electric heater package, you will be able to use your pool year-round, instead of only a few months a year.

Why not get the most pool usage for your money? Ask our friendly staff for a free quote on a pool heating system today.

Automatic Pool Cleaners — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners are at the cutting edge of technology. For example, the SMART Robotic Cleaner® is wholly independent of your pool filtration system and works without any suction hoses or hook-up booster pumps; extending the life of your equipment and significantly reducing your running costs. Installation is easy - connect, place in the pool and your pool will be clear of debris in no time.

A cost-effective alternative to a robotic cleaner is an automatic suction cleaner. The PoolCleaner™ has a unique, patented steering system that allows it to clean pools of all shapes and sizes. The left wheel is set to reverse at intervals, turning the unit in different directions so it doesn't get stuck in corners. The 2 x PoolCleaner™ travels 2.5 to 3.0 metres before turning and takes just a few minutes to set up!

Keep your pool sparkling clean with automatic pool cleaners from Dubbo Pool World. Ask us for additional information and details.

Pool Covers — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW

Pool Covers

There are a great many reasons for purchasing – and using – a pool cover. The most important reasons include:
  • Safety: The proper protection can safeguard people from falling into the water (provided they are covers that are built to withstand body weight and are attached and installed correctly).
  • Keeping debris out: Even without inclement weather, debris of various kinds will find its way into your pool. A cover will save your pool system and significantly cut down on cleaning time.
  • Slowing evaporation down: Every day that your pool goes uncovered, the water is evaporating. Covering your pool will help cut down on the need for water replacement.
  • Heat retention: Covering a heated swimming pool (whether the heating is by sunlight or by the system) will reduce heat loss by insulating heat. It means warmer water for your swimmers, which in turn means far more comfortable swimming.
There is an almost limitless choice of pool covers from which you can choose. Based on your household, landscaping and budget considerations, we will help you select a pool cover that is sturdy, reliable, safe and well-suited to your needs.