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Attractive Pool — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW

Attractive Pool Paving

The surface that you select to surround your pool is every bit as important as the pool selection itself. When considering surfacing that surrounds your pool it’s important to consider the safety of the people who will be using that space. Pools that are surrounded by an irregular surface (for example, a smooth, cement slab with no traction facility) can quickly turn into a surface akin to an ice-skating rink when wet; resulting in slips, falls and possible serious injury.

You must next consider the maintenance of both your pool and the surface itself. For example, swimming pools that are immediately surrounded by surfaces like natural grass inevitably wind up with dirty water and drains clogged with grass and mud. The grass suffers as well; mostly from heavy foot traffic and overexposure to chemically treated water.
Replacing natural grass with artificial turf may seem like a good option until you consider the expense - plus artificial turf heats up when exposed to continued direct sunlight, which is an uncomfortable thought for wet, bare feet.

Dubbo Pool World provides wonderful concreting and paving options for both the area immediately around the pool, as well throughout the entire pool area.

These options include, but are not limited to:

Travertine Pool — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW
Travertine pool pavers: These pavers will give your pool area a natural look. Constructed from a natural limestone material, travertine pavers are also slip-resistant and remain cool in harsh ... Read more
Concrete Pool — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW
Concrete pool pavers: Concrete pool pavers are textured, durable and also come in a selection of colours and styles. These pavers are also salt-resistant.
Brick Pool — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW
Brick pool pavers: Though not often used, brick pool pavers can be a good option for salt-resistance and slipping resistance. Clay brick pavers are the most durable and the advantage of using them is that they do not crack or fade under continuous sunlight exposure.
Pool Coping — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW
Pool Coping: When paving your pool area, you will also need pool coping immediately around the pool. You can choose to match your coping to the pool area pavers, or you might go with a contrast by mixing different coping and pool paving colours.
The licensed concreters at Dubbo Pool World offer both necessary and decorative concreting and paving; from enclosed swimming pool areas to large backyards.

When you meet with us for your free on-site inspection appointment, be sure to ask about available concreting and paving options and how we can help you “pave the way” to having a beautiful pool area.

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