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Pool Landscaping

Your swimming pool is more than a place to unwind, find relief from the sweltering heat or use as an exercise facility. Your pool and the area that it occupies also plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty, decor and value of your home. Your pool is usually one of the most significant decorative elements of your property, and the way to make the most out of it is when you incorporate a gorgeous landscape design. As you would finish an excellent piece of art with a beautiful frame, your landscaping will serve as the perfect “frame” for your pool. It will also set the overall aesthetic for your outdoor space.

Your choices for landscaping can encompass virtually any concept that you can visualise. For example: A pool that incorporates fountains, stonework and coloured lighting effects is complete with the addition of surrounding flowers, ferns and other greenery.
The use of rocks and boulders around a pool and throughout a landscape creates a luxury resort feel. Multiple levels of rocks and stones, combined with greenery throughout, replicates stunning natural hideaways that can be found in the South Pacific and South America.

You may opt to create a tropical oasis using palm trees, birds of paradise and other tropical plants and foliage. A gazebo or tiki bar with an accompanying thatched roof can complete the effect.

For smaller spaces, or to compliment a lap pool, you might create a border surrounding the walkways with colourful plants and flowers and embellish with slab squares bordered by small stones.

Whatever your desired theme, Dubbo Pool World will help you see it through to perfection. Based upon your vision (or we can come up with concepts for you), your space and your budget considerations, we will assist you in crafting a landscape that will beautifully set off your pool, while adding significant value to your property and creating the wow factor that every proud pool owner seeks.
Pool — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW
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