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Stunning Water Feature — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW

Stunning Water Features

The very sound of water is soothing to the ear and relaxing to the soul.
Whether it is the sound of a waterfall or ocean waves crashing onto the shore, water is such a soothing life-element, that there are now even audio meditation programs that include water-related sounds.

Now you can incorporate both the artistic beauty and the calming sounds of water into your swimming pool landscape. Dubbo Pool World offers a variety of water features – including products we offer from Leisure Pools – that incorporate well with our various swimming pool designs.
Using beautiful styles and materials, we create water features that are timeless enhancements to both your pool and your property.
The eye-catching water features come in a wide range of styles and colours.
Some water features even offer the versatility of a generous storage area.

Our most prominent water feature is designed specifically to complement pools that are Roman or Courtyard Roman style; while other water features are decidedly contemporary and modern in form and function.

Beyond customising your style and colour selections, you will also be able to customise your water feature with various water flow options and finishes.

Installed within each water feature is a sheer descent function that controls the flow of water, creating a stunning water “envelope” effect. Additionally, many customers enjoy customising their water feature design elements by customising the finishes with a variety of products; ranging anywhere from mosaic tiling to stack-stone cladding.
Water Feature — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW
While a water feature will make a beautiful accompaniment to your swimming pool, you may choose to make it even more spectacular with our creative lighting options; turning your water feature into a nighttime showpiece that is certain to dazzle.

Learn more about our various water features and how you can easily incorporate the peace and beauty of water art into your overall swimming pool design. Call us today for your free on-site inspection and quote.

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