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Pool Fencing

A pool fence is more than just a barrier to the very young, your household pets or to anyone who should not be swimming alone or unsupervised. A pool fence also acts as a deterrent to unwelcome visitors including certain forms of wild animal life. However, it is not necessary to have an unattractive, dull or prison-like fence. It should not deter from the natural beauty of your outdoor landscape.

As pool builders, we take your safety, the safety of your loved ones and your property liability very seriously. We are also well-acquainted with the NSW standards, laws and regulations regarding pool fencing (including gating, latches and climbing prevention) and will be happy to provide you with pool fencing options that both comply with NSW regulations and enhance the appearance of your pool.

The Australian government initially introduced state-by-state pool fencing laws in 1991; resulting in the reduction of accidental drowning incidents. These laws were updated in 2012; resulting in an even more significant decrease in unintentional drownings and other pool-related accidents. In NSW, pool fences must be installed, inspected by licensed inspectors and registered with the NSW Government Swimming Pool Register.
Using products supplied by Dunn & Farrugia Fencing and Gates, we offer a wide variety of fencing that provides the protection required by law, while allowing the beauty of your pool area to shine through. You can select from traditional, classic or modern fencing designs with a range of colours and decorative finishes. You might even consider a solid, glass-look fence; a sleek, contemporary option that is favoured by many of the more elegant hotels.

Our fence gating complies with NSW law and is available in single, double bi-fold or sliding styles; in any width to suit all openings. Single gates can include self-closing spring hinges, and all double gates come with a lockable drop bolt for your added security. At the time that you make your fencing selection, we will help you choose the right gate for your needs.

Whether you are installing a new pool, you need to install pool fencing to bring your existing pool up to legal standard or your current fencing requires replacing, call Dubbo Pool World today and schedule a free on-site inspection and free quote.
Pool Fencing — Pool and Landscaping in Dubbo, NSW

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